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Flight simulation in vr

We continuously strive to drive immersion in virtual 3D environments to the maximum. This is how we create new inspiration for virtual reality trainings and simulations. The newest result is the NMY Motion Sim - a next generation flight simulator.


Motion Sim


dreaming of becoming a pilot

The idea for a game-based application occured to us quickly: who hasn’t dreamed of flying a Star Wars pod racer? While creating a virtual experience, NMY likes to think outside the box. We wanted to create an application where you could experience the action phyiscally as well as visually. A simple HMD (head mounted display) app would not cut it in this case.


A fully hydraulic simulator with THE XR FACTOR

By fusing together sensor technologies, hardware, and software, we hoped to create a new mixed reality app that fulfills our high expectations of a life-like flight experience. The motion simulator platform is set up on four pneumatically driven legs. On top of that is a pilot cockpit that we have equipped with a virtual reality setup. Thanks to our R&D engineering, we have come closer to living our dream of flight simulation - all we needed was the right app to prove our point.


Maximum fun. zero motion sicknessMaximum fun

By creating the NMY Speed Racer VR game our dream came true: the perfect illusion of translational acceleration is achieved by the communication between motion platform and virtual reality app. The movements of the Motion Sim are triggered by values calculated in VR. The accurate calculation is essential because it leads to a reduction in motion sickness. This also means that the pilot can be immersed in the 3D world completely without experiencing nausea.

the motion sim live adventure

experience IMMERSIVE EXtended reality

Have we got your attention? Why not try it for yourself? You are invited to take our Motion Sim for a ride. Visit us at our NMY SPACES showroom and become the next speed racer pilot. Requests can be send via email to hello@nmy.de.

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