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An interactive journey begins

NMY wrote the concept for, and created a new digital Visitor Center for lighting expert SLV. NMY’s core skill set, interactive storytelling and state-of-the-art technologies, inspired the idea and development. The result is a next- level showroom that offers a holistic brand experience.


Interactive Showroom


Creating digital (product) experiences in 3Ddigital (product) experiences

The biggest challenge was to present products and services while introducing customers and prospects to the entire complicated world of SLV. Usually, the way to go forward would be to employ an interior designer who delivers a concept for a showroom space. In this case, we were able to convince our client to use our digital storytelling and technologies expertise to put a twist on the conception of their showroom. Our idea was to let the digital architecture lead the way and have the physical architecture follow along. Software creates the need for hardware. Virtual reality shapes reality. The showroom visitor does not just experience the physical space, but they experience an interactive journey through the brand SLV.

Product Scanner
Product Scanner

From Point-of-Sale to Point-of-WowPoint-of-Wow

There are shelves stocked with SLV lamps. Next to every product there is a product information card. Once visitors scan this card, they can configure the lighting product of their choice in a virtual space. The lamp is placed in a living room setup for example, and the visitor can turn the light on and off, to see how the room is lit up in different light situations. Digital reality inspires the visitor to imagine the lamp in their own homes.

Product Scanner

The realistic simulation of light

The product scanner showcases SLV lamps. At the same time, it offers a realistically calculated light simulation. Visitors see how the lamps light up a room and how the entire mood of the room changes through that. To be able to display their products in such a way is unprecedented at SLV.

Valeto® Smart Home System
Valeto® App

Brilliant: The Valeto® Smart Home SystemValeto® Smart Homes

The SLV Valeto® Smart Home System enables SLV customers to operate the lighting setting in their homes via especially developed app – complication free. At the new SLV showroom, customers can test the Valeto® system live on a smartphone that is connected to an animated virtual house on a large screen.

Valeto® App

Smart technologies developed by NMY

The showroom visitor finds out about Valeto® services by using the app. They can also discover how the system can be applied to different use cases. Because Valeto® can be experienced live, visitors have a completely different outlook on the system and they are able to fully grasp the interconnectivity of Valeto® while navigating the app on the smartphone. Visitors literally see the effects of the product range – a great way to share content with customers.

Smart technologies developed by NMY
Stereo 3D Storytelling
3D Stereo Movie

Storytelling in 3D - A star is born

A lamp is created. In an impressive Cartoon-style 3D movie, visitors of the SLV showroom follow the lead character, a SLV lamp, on its way from the first draft on paper, to the actual production and delivery. However, the visitor doesn’t just watch the movie, they are right in the middle of it. The production of a lamp is turned into a story full of humor and detail. A highly complicated process becomes clear for visitors and they find a way to relate to it.

3D Stereo Movie

Immersion into storytelling

For the visitor to fully get immersed into the plot, the holographic appearance of the characters and objects was key. Similar to the experience in a movie theater, the 3D movie offers a great way of interacting with content. The visitors’ perception is fully focused on the movie, the characters and the plot – they experience the world of SLV instead of just looking at it.

Immersive Storytelling


A new way to experience brands

The SLV Visitor Center is not just about showcasing products and the right brand messaging. The journey around the Visitor Center turns into an interactive story that binds the visitor to the brand SLV for a very long time. The connection of physical objects to their digital extensions leads to a memorable immersive experience into the brand world of SLV.


What our clients say

The applications in our new Visitor Center manage something in the virtual space which wouldn’t be possible in real life: they show how our products perform in the living space and in different situations – the visitor does not even have to leave the room to experience all of that! They can even interact with products and discover them for their own purpose. This new virtual dimension goes beyond an ordinary product presentation, thus creating a huge benefit for us. Thank you NMY!

Andreas Freude, Team Leader Creation, SLV

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