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New sights for tourists

NMY developed an AR app for the marketing department of the German town of Rottweil. In the app, the experience of visiting the town was transformed forever.

Stadt Rottweil

AR App CIty Tour


History meets future

Rottweil’s marketing department wanted to utilize a mobile app to introduce the historical town of Rottweil to tourists and celebrate the history of the town at a special event. They also wanted to enable a digital city tour that goes beyond the traditional print materials. NMY was asked to accompany Rottweil on their journey into the virtual world while acknowledging the historical importance of the town.


Digital strolls through augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) Technology was the best choice to unite the physical and virtual world. We wanted to create new perspectives for the visitors of the town that transcend an ordinary city tour. The project called for a new, virtual outlook.


A premiere for the marketing department

With the virtual model of town, tourists experience an enhanced a futuristic version of Rottweil. They can explore the town from different perspectives, discover interesting facts about historical buildings, and they can also decide to virtually climb one of the many towers to get an impressive view over Rottweil – and all of this on an iPad. This is a virtual premiere for the marketing department.


A new tourist attraction for Rottweil

The AR app offers great views and entertainment, while also bringing Rottweil a whole lot closer to the future. Due to the success of the app, the marketing department plans to extend the app with more content and digitalize the town of Rottweil even more.


What our clients say

NMY created an impressive AR app that we regard as an intersection between past and future. It fascinates the users of today already. At the turmFEST2017, we opened our new thyssenkrupp tower, and we celebrated the town of towers, which is what Rottweil is called. Visitors and inhabitants were meant to experience the town digitally. We are convinced that the app achieves that and we are looking forward to a future cooperation with NMY where we will develop the app further.

André Lomsky, Head of City Marketing, the town of Rottweil

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