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The German ”Energiewende” with thyssenkrupp

We developed a multi-touch app and an exhibit for thyssenkrupp Steel’s trade show appearances that introduce the steel grid of the present and the smart grid of the future, as well as present the product portfolio in 3D.

Thyssenkrupp Steel

Energy efficiency tomorrow


Going with the (electric) flow

thyssenkrupp Steel offers clients and prospects insights into the world of the German “Energiewende”, the transition towards clean energy. Therefore, we developed an application that communicates this vision clearly, while making a lasting impression on the user. The app also enables users to time travel into the future of energy production.

thyssenkrupp smart grids
thyssenkrupp energy transformer

Keeping an eye on the future

By exploring thyssenkrupp Steel’s application, users witness the progress of energy transition to environmentally friendly production. The especially designed exhibit further enhances this experience.


The next generation of energy

For the  CWIEME 2017 trade show, we developed an application that includes high end 3D animations and an absolutely intuitive user interface. Moreover, we designed and produced a custom-made multi-touch exhibit. Shaped like a diamond and decorated with elegant physical 3D models, the exhibit allowed for simultaneous use of the app on three screens.

thyssenkrupp multi-touch table

The world is transparent

thyssenkrupp Steel received an interactive application that embodies the vision of future smart grids. The exhibit will continue to support trade show efforts and raise the awareness for the ”Energiewende”.

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