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Be a space pilot!

SpaceShoot AR is the latest creation of NMY Lab. The augmented reality (AR) app is a game that requires only a smartphone or tablet and one of our business cards.


Spaceshoot AR-Game

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The new definition of business cards

Nowadays, business cards do not exchange hands as often as they used to. We felt this to be a disadvantage. In order to revive the use of business cards we developed a solution that is fun and inspirational at the same time.

SpaceShoot AR Game Main Menu
SpaceShoot Augmented Reality Game Tutorial

Fly and win

The gamification aspect was at the center of the application. We are experts in gaming engines and use them for our everyday work. We also use gaming engines to develop internal projects. In this case, we wanted to enhance the experience of exchanging business cards. In order to make them more memorable, we decided to gamify our own business cards and use them as markers for an AR app. This is how the galactic adventure began.


Augmented Reality for everyday business

The AR game can be downloaded from the App or Google Play Stores. Once the app is active, the camera of the smartphone or tablet scans and recognizes the business card as the trigger for the game. A little spaceship appears on the screen and the game begins! This project showcases how a physical, every-day object can become digitally enhanced. If you don't own one of our business cards, you can download the marker here and print it out. 

Augmented Reality SpaceShoot App Fyling Spaceship
Scan tutorial for Augmented Reality App NMY SpaceShoot


How to play the SpaceShoot AR-Game

  1. Download the NMY SpaceShoot AR-Game in the App Store or Google Play
  2. Use one of our business cards or print out the marker
  3. Press Start on the main menu of the app
  4. Place the marker on a solid surface facing the back of your device's camera
  5. The app recognizes the marker, the game begins automatically 
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