NMY Mixed-Reality Communication

Gamified planning of power lines

The power line planner demonstrates which obstacles one encounters during the planning phase of building power lines and how challenging it can be to effect compromises.


Power line planner


Challenges of planning power lines

NMY created an interactive exhibit, which delivers a gamified experience to visitors of Transnet BW.  While planning their long distance power lines, users of the app have to take into account obstacles on the route as well as the wants of multiple interest groups and try to find the most balanced solution.


Tangible interaction

To promote the gamified aspect of the app, tangible interfaces were used as the key interaction element. By placing and rotating tangible objects, planners have to decide whether they would rather build their power line along a bird biotope or next to a waterpark. The current score immediately shows the impact of the user's choice on society, environment and costs.


Gamification for visitors

The tangible bar application builds the central exhibit of the Transnet BW showroom in Wendlingen. The app's virtual environment and obstacles on the course are presented in an appealing polygonal look and invites everyone to take a closer look.

Transnet Interactive exhibit

Tangible exhibit

  • Unity
  • Tangible User Interfaces
  • Exhibit made of Corian

The following images 1&2 have been provided by Dittel Architekten. Copyright Dittel Architekten GmbH |  http://di-a.de/

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