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A Bang & Olufsen VR Sound Adventure

The virtual reality adventure that presents the Bang & Olufsen sound system is a spectacular three-minute adventure for drivers and front-seat passengers of the new Audi Q2 and Q5. Special feature during the presentation: the virtual journey through the futuristic brand world reacts to the real sound system inside the car in real-time.

Bang & Olufsen | Audi

Journey into Sound


Experiencing B&O Inside Audi

On behalf of Bang & Olufsen, NMY created the concept and executed the development of an innovative communication experience that presents the 3D sound spectrum inside the Audi Q2 and Q5. NMY oversaw creation, design, software, and the technical installation of the application.


Virtually Pleasant Sound

During the three-minute drive, driver and front-seat passenger experience an interactive phenomenon where the real sound of the B&O sound system is visualized via VR glasses. While travelling through the futuristic “Electrocity”, a sound test tunnel or even through a tornado – the 3D sound spectrum becomes tangible in an impressive way.


Sound Good Enough to Be Touched

For the very first time, the Bang & Olufsen VR Experience visualizes music and sound in the inside of the VR Audi cockpit in 3D. The generative design of the application reacts in real-time to the sounds coming from the sound system. Whether it’s abstract transformations of 3D objects, or an entire futuristic city – the virtual environment of the user keeps changing through music and sound.



  • Oculus VR Headsets
  • Positional Trackers
  • Sound Analyzer Software
  • Unity 3D 
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