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All advantages of virtual reality at a glance. Not just for reading but for experiencing.


How can you Simulate a Showroom-Visit?

Setup and design of a showroom are central to the sales experience – the exact opposite of basic online-shopping. Nothing beats being able to see a product live, being able to touch it and to test it.

VR Cardboard
3D Reality App

You can lead the horse to water...

In order to allow the NMY showroom to be accessed by customers, even without visiting the office, NMY visualized the showroom as a futuristic 3D-world.


The Virtual Showroom

The NMY showroom reflects the advantages of virtual reality: Product diversity, -configuration, -availability as well as sales area and similar things can be designed and visualized individually. With the right storytelling approach, immersive and impressive brand- and product experiences can be created.

VR 3D Application
Cardboard VR

The NMY Cardboard

The NMY showroom app was created for Android and Google Cardboard. If a customer hasn't gotten a Cardboard, they can also look at the showroom in a non-VR version on Android smartphones. Alternatively, they can acquire an NMY branded Cardboard on a visit to the office and then use it in the future.

  • Virtual reality application for Android
  • Google Cardboard
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