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Presenting New Developments in Innovative Ways

NMY designed and realised an interactive live-communication for TRANSFORM 2015.


Transformer 2020


Future Technology in the Energy Sector

For the first time, a coalition of component suppliers to the energy sector developed a vision of future-oriented high-capacity transformers. The study’s result was presented by Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen, in cooperation with their eight associate companies, at TRANSFORM 2015 in Vienna. They wanted to present the transformer in all its facets, but this was not logistically viable since it weighs several tonnes.

The Market Place – Info-apps on Touchscreens
Trafo 2020 – The Transformer of the Future

The 3D-Show

NMY developed the idea and created an interactive presentation for the event: a massive 3D show that was able to accurately convey the innovative power of this new transformer. The presenter was able to control the specifics of the demonstration, manipulating the entire show in any way desired. This was supplemented by a landscape of exhibits with information “islands”, allowing space for pitches to individual customers.


The Transformer Within One's Grasp

In a dim theatre, visitors were shown the future vision of TRANSFORMER 2020 by means of a 3D-stereo presentation. Visitors could look into a realistically-sized transformer. By using interactive storytelling, the processes and innovations could be graphically conveyed. At six distinctly themed stations, visitors could explore more detail about the content they'd seen during the presentation, allowing for individual interest to be satisfied at touch terminals.

Visitors Watch the Floating 3D Visualization
3D stereo Cinematic Presentation

Touch-Controlled Stereo 3D Presentation

  • Stereo 3D Projection
  • Multi-touch Applications
  • Touchlab / Touchlab Mini
  • Unity
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