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Travelling in 3D Across the Sky

Without anyone noticing, commercial aviation moves thousands of passengers and tons of goods across all the world’s continents each day, making it indispensable to our lives. AirPlus, provider of travel management solutions, approached NMY with the task of visualizing this complex logistical task as a virtual reality app for the Oculus Rift.


Big Data - Differently3D flight data explorer

Of particular import for this project was the faithful visualization of massive amounts of real-life data, which had to become intuitively tangible for users to understand – real processes converted into a form that could be experienced and virtually followed.

Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift
3D visualization

Flight Information Around the Globe

The first version of the app visualizes four days of flight data in real-time 3D. Energy flight trails show regional and international routes, and how airports all over the world are connected to each other. With head movements, the viewer can change his perspective or zoom in on interesting spots, allowing him to optimally comprehend the complex network of plane flights.


Mobile Info Terminal

The visitor is talked through the process by a presenter, who accompanies the visitor on the journey through the application. Via touchscreen, the viewer can be led through the 3D-visualization of international air traffic. Throughout the presentation a story develops, explaining the various phases and changing styles of visualization. The app is designed so that 3D visualization can also be played in browsers.

Virtual Reality - Oculus Rift
VR Experience

VR Experience

  • Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift
  • Unity
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