NMY Mixed-Reality Communication

Interactive Marketing-tool for ILA Exhibition

To Airbus Defence and Space the ILA is the most important exhibition in Europe. In 2014 the company first showed its new face to the public, following the companies' merger.

NMY was tasked to to create a tablet app that could accompany the exhibition, aimed at informing visitors about the product- and service-range that the new enterprise group has to offer.

Airbus Defense and Space

Produktwelten in augmentiertem 3D


Flexible Application

For the visualization a new, communal design needed to be developed, in order to replace the current photorealistic visualization. In conjunction with the mobile device, the communication was aimed at improving the playful and fascinating usage for the audience, focussing on the power of innovation that Airbus DS is known for with modern technologies. In regards to content, the classic presentation of the portfolio as well as the customers' benefits that the Airbus merger afforded needed to be clarified. This was aimed at mobile media, able to be used anyplace where dialogue and questions would arise.

Airbus trade fair give away as augmented reality marker
Paperlook user interface design mobile AR app

Augmenting or Presenting?

Implementation of the concept took place via interactive 3D presentation, played on all tablets on the exhibition-stand. Products and their functionality were displayed as 3D models in an abstact, geometrical paper-look.

Credit-card sized giveaways with claim and key visual of Airbus were being distributed. By using these giveaways, the augmented reality mode of the app could be activated. These would hover over the marker, looking like moveable holograms. The user could turn and look at them any way he wanted. In this mode, the user could even activate explaining animations.


The Perfect Fusion

The user is free to choose flexibly between interactive presentation and augmented reality mode at any time. This combination allows created content to be used in various situations, even without the marker.

At the end of the exhibition, the app got adjusted as a tool for training and instructing of new employees, showing them the world of Airbus DS.

Interactive Presentation
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

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