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Staging of an Exhibition Event

During the MINI Dealer Experience in Madrid the new MINI was staged and presented via 3D projection mapping.

Visual Drugstore | MINI

3D Projection Mapping


3D Projection Mapping for the new MINI

On the behalf of Visual Drugstore NMY realized a fascinating 3D projection mapping production. The immersive installation was lined up at the MINI Dealer Experience 2014 in Madrid. In the center of attention were the new MINI John Cooper Works and the “Connectivity” theme.

3D Visualization
3D Animations

Fascinating Exhibit Installation

The dynamic design, the correct calculation of the mappings as well as the high-resolution driving animation of 7000 x 3150 pixels meant quite a challenge for our design team. The fact that the complete production including the computationally intense 3D animations had to be realized in four weeks spurred our team on to even greater commitment and performance.


Immersive Event Experience

The video mapping installation includes a real MINI Cooper and projections on stage structures and displays. In eventful rides through New York, Tokyo and abstract landscapes the new MINI is shown in all (im)possible driving situations. The projections are mapped seamlessly onto car and stage and thereby produce the illusion of an expanded and connected space. The different scenes, the playing with the perspective and the fast transitions together with the vehicle on stage create a special and emotional atmosphere and underline MINIs typical values of sportiness and lifestyle.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality - Projection Mapping

The Virtually Augmented MINI

  • Unity
  • Projection Mapping
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