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Augmented Reality for all Fields

Applications today are varied and creative. NMY developed a playful and interactive application for virtual product-, simulation-, and e-learning usage. By using the NMY software solution, a camera and a display, live haptic elements become part of an interactive interface.

NMY lab

Augmented Reality App

Virtual Stage

How can a hybrid engine achieve ideal economical values?

By using the iPad's integrated camera, a tracked graphic-element in a BMW magazine becomes a virtual stage. The touchscreen visualizes the processes of hybrid cars to the user – anything from accelerating to breaking – in order to simulate the handling of this hybrid propulsion system.

AR Touchscreen
3D Architecture Visualization
3D Architecture Visualization

Description of Location

The interactive 3D architecture visualization at the Uniongelände in Frankfurt invites peoples' curiosity. While looking through the display, the building complex hovers above the table. Interactive interfaces guide the visitor through ever new, virtual layers or simply show guidelines from the car park to the NMY office.


Good to know

The ready-made AR-applications can easily be transferred into ordinary Multi-Touch, 3D stereo-, internet- or mobile marketing apps by NMY. This way your message can be used on various channels, independent of customer situation or hardware setup.

AR Application
3D Augmented Reality


  • Animated 3D-visualization
  • Extended print- and exhibition material
  • Signpost system
  • Product configuration
  • E-learning- and training applications
  • V-Card visualizer
  • Combination with online campaigns possible
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