NMY Mixed-Reality Communication

Dynamic 3D Projection Mapping

Passengers at the Frankfurt airport have a say in the dynamic projection mapping of an A-Class.

Mercedes Benz

The Augmented A-Class at the Frankfurt Airport


Interactive Booth

NMY was tasked, in cooperation with ad agency Huth + Wenzel, to conceptualize the promotion booth of Mercedes and AVIS. NMY accepted a plethora of tasks: Co-conception, 3D- and motion graphics design as well as development of sensor systems and programming and even technical construction as well as assembly and hardware.

3D Projection Mapping
Augmented Reality

Design your own A-Class

Because of heightened security measures at the airport, soft- and hardware setup was developed from sensor systems, projectors and software with attention to sustainability and functionality. For a sensational result, the A-Classes' body needed to be exactly measured and recreated so animations, colour-variations and text messages would align perfectly.


Passengers become Actors

Terminal 1 at Frankfurt airport: Up to 25.000 passengers daily were involved in the novel communications concept at the promotion booth of Mercedes and Avis. By using five combinable colour-buttons at the info-column as well as raffle-cards, passengers were able to influence style and appearance of a real Mercedes A-Class. This interaction triggered spectacular 3D-projections.

Multi-touch table
Tangible interaction

Projection Mapping onto the A-Class

  • Unity
  • Projection Mapping
  • Positional tracking
  • Tangible interaction
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