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The ultimate plug and play multi-touch system for trade fairs, showrooms, expositions and roadshows. For over six years, NMY and the Fraunhofer IGD have been collaboratively developing this high-end system.


The Evolution of Multi-Touch Media Terminals

TOUCHLAB® gives your stand a visionary appeal. Especially at places with heavy foot traffic, the infotainment and presentation system creates a special atmosphere and strong attention among the visitors. This helps to effectively build business contacts and conveys messages that stick.

The timeless design made of the mineral material corian and state-of-the-art technologies fulfill all your customer demands regarding quality and sustainability. With one of the currently most comprehensive touch technologies for super rapid touch recognition of up to 32 fingers, an integrated high performance computer, 4K display and a sound & ambi-light system, your product presentations, data visualizations, 3D events or demos become innovative ambassadors for your communication.

The all-in-one system TOUCHLAB® is up and running in just five minutes and only needs a standard power supply. With its robust and rollable flight case it can be transported easily and safely to wherever it’s needed.


Engineered for Interactive Presentations

Fascinating usage scenarios for the TOUCHLAB® seem endless – from complex 3D data to high quality 2D product catalogues, casual games and company presentations - all in real time and all interactive.

The TOUCHLAB® makes your multi touch presentations, product configurators, e-learning apps or showroom walkthroughs a real happening and the all-in-one package fits all needs.

 Lasting impressions are guaranteed.

Operating and Use

The TOUCHLAB® can be operated in the following environments:

  • Stationary at exhibitions, showrooms and points of sale
  • Mobile at trade shows, road shows and events
  • For interactive presentations about companies and products
  • For large-scale presentations of geographical data, technical drawings and plans
  • For multi-layered information such as models, texts, pictures, graphics, and films
  • For various game applications
  • Expandable for use with stereo 3D projections
  • Compatible with virtual reality devices such as the Oculus Rift VR glasses
  • Can be combined with augmented reality solutions
Design Your TOUCHLAB®

Designed for Trade Shows, Exhibitions, Showrooms and Events

The modern and minimalist design constructed of corian in combination with the sound and light system make the TOUCHLAB® a timeless product of high quality.

Choose between 19 different colors to give the TOUCHLAB® your personal touch!

  • Very robust and long life span
  • Fadeless surfaces
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Seamless joints
Handling and Flexibility

The nature of TOUCHLAB® brings people together

The plug and play system can be built in just five minutes and only needs a power supply for operation.

The TOUCHLAB® is easy to operate via multi-touch gestures similar to the iPhone or other mobile touch devices.

Up to four people at one time can control apps on screen via touch. Buttons to turn the media system on and off or ports to connect USB, Ethernet or DVI devices are located behind the small lockable access door at the backside. This way you can connect peripherals like projectors, additional PCs or smartphones, or transfer data to the TOUCHLAB.


Multi-Touch Technology at its Best

State-of-the-art technology characterizes this multi-touch terminal made in Germany.

By combining modern components, the TOUCHLAB® currently has the fastest and most durable touch technology available.

The 55 inch (138 cm screen diagonal) 4K high resolution multi-touch LED screen recognizes up to 32 fingers with its infrared technology.

A special feature is the shim function, which allows tilting the display from a single user-focused display of 10 degrees to a complete horizontal state for multi-user applications, granting all visitors around the table equal access to the displayed content.

The interfaces and connectors allow the combination of a great variety of hardware and peripherals.

The TOUCHLAB® works with 4K UHD display 3840 × 2160 res and regular power supplies (330W in idle mode and 500W at max capacity). 

Integrated High-Performance PC

  • CPU: Intel Core i5 Processor Series
  • (Quad Core min. 4x3.0GHz)
  • Memory: 8 GB DDR3 RAM
  • Graphic card: High-end Nvidia Geforce GTX Series or AMD Radeon HD Series
  • HDD: 120 GB SATA III (6Gb/s) Solid State Disk
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 7 (64 Bit) or Windows 8.1 (64 Bit)
  • Mainboard: Gigabit LAN, mid. ext. 4x USB2.0, ext. 2x USB3.0, HD Sound
  • Extras: Trackball keyboard, ext. DVD-burner
Mobility and Transport

Ready to Travel

TOUCHLAB® has been constructed for fast assembly and disassembly and can be transported easily with the specially designed wheeled flight case.

The dimensions are 1655x830x1160 mm (LxWxH) and it weighs about 100 kg (220 lb).


Running your Application

All programs and multi touch applications developed by NMY will run on the TOUCHLAB®. But you are not limited with regards to running applications on the multi-touch table.

TOUCHLAB® is shipped with a software development kit (SDK) that can be used to develop your own multi-touch applications. In addition to the SDK, the game engine UNITY 3D as well as the Fraunhofer Media Framework INSTANT REALITY can be used to bring individual solutions to the TOUCHLAB und unlock its fantastic capabilities.

We recently began offering an easy start into the world of multi-touch presentations with NMY’s TOUCHLAB® CMS. With this software you can neatly sort and easily present videos, PDFs, pictures and files and put your own multi-touch presentation together.

Options software development: C/ C++ / WPF / C# /DII Import), TUIO, Flash, Flex / AIR / AS2 / AS3, Java

Supported operating systems: Windows / Windows 8 Native Touch / Linux / Mac OSX

Service and Support

TOUCHLAB® is available for rental and sale

NMY offers you tailored service packets for your trade fair or presentation event. No matter whether it's for rent or sale, our service technicians will take care of transport and set up and give you on-site training. No special technological know-how is needed to operate the TOUCHLAB. We ship the multi-touch terminal with our presentation software for the TOUCHLAB and the casual soccer game that also generates leads and customer information. Of course you can install your own personal applications anytime on the Win7/8-based TOUCHLAB or open kiosk-mode browsers to present your websites. Plugging in other additional displays or projectors, e.g. to mirror the touch display to a larger audience, is possible at any time. Please come and visit us in our Frankfurt showroom and convince yourself of the high quality and vast possibilities of our products.

For consulting, prices and services please contact:

NMY Mixed-Reality Communication GmbH
Ms. Jasmin Felsenheim
Hanauer Landstraße 188

Email: hello (at) nmy.de
Tel.: +49-69-150 44 88 60
Fax.: +49-69-150 44 88 61

TOUCHLAB® References

Airbus Showrooms

Our customer Airbus uses the TOUCHLAB® worldwide in their international showrooms and trade fair events to present their product and service offerings with easy touch gestures and finger points. For over six years we have been developing and expanding the cross-media-and-technology applications for the TOUCHLAB® system.

TOUCHLAB® References

Formula 1 Circuit Abu Dhabi

Our TOUCHLAB® shows visitors of the F1 race circuit Yas Marina an interactive 3D visualization of the circuit to demonstrate safety measures and different racing scenarios.

TOUCHLAB® References

Jade Academy

Professors, lecturers, researchers and students alike use the TOUCHLAB® for interactive visualizations at the Jade Academy in Oldenburg and Wilhemshaven.

Jade Hochschule Oldenburg, IAPG, iapg.jade-hs.de and photographer Piet Meyer

TOUCHLAB® References

Cern Control Room

TOUCHLAB® in operation at the Command & Control Room of the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Cern, Switzerland.

TOUCHLAB® References

Hessentag Kassel

TOUCHLAB® was at the booth of the Hessisches Landesamtes für Bodenmanagement und Geologie at the Hessentag in Kassel 2013. Our terminal showed visitors interactive 3D visualizations of property and territorial planning for large projects.

TOUCHLAB® References

Fraunhofer IGD

Our cooperation partner Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research, institute for graphical data processing, presents research results and interactive applications with the TOUCHLAB®, for example on the CeBIT.

Footage: © Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research 2014

TOUCHLAB® References

Immonet GmbH

The Immonet GmbH used the TOUCHLAB® at a real estate conference in Frankfurt. Here you see Reiner Calmund having his fun with our casual soccer game.

TOUCHLAB® References

Khalifa University

 The Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research in Sharjah uses the TOUCHLAB® to show students simulations in combination with 3D stereo projections.

TOUCHLAB® References

German Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF)

Outstanding innovation from Germany was introduced during the Hannover Trade fair at the stand from the BMBF.  As a symbol of German innovative power, the TOUCHLAB® was among the prominent products at the booth.


KURZ Industrie-Elektronik KURZ Industrie-Elektronik

At trade fairs and event Kurz-Elektronik deploys the TOUCHLAB® for showing their 3D product viewer application on large screen formats. It is perfectly suited to get in touch and into discussion with interestees and clients. The product viewer app also runs on tablets.

TOUCHLAB® References


The event agency Imagination from Vienna has been using the TOUCHLAB® since 2012 as the communicator for a large utilities company in Austria.


Kuratorium für Technik u. Bauwesen i. d. Landwirtschaft e.V.

KTBL setzt das Touchlab für seine Informationsangebot rund um die Tiergesundheit ein - z.B. während der Grünen Woche in Berlin. Hier wurde das Set Up ergänzt um einen zweiten Ausgabescreen, um so eine bessere Fernwirkung zu erzielen.

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