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NMY realisierte im Jahr 2009 ein 3D-Multi-Touch Präsentationssystem für den Kunden Cassidian. Für den weltweiten Einsatz auf Messen und Showrooms sollte diese Anwendung nun in eine noch umfassendere und realistischere Ebene überführt werden.

Airbus Defense and Space

Virtual 3D Showroom


Marketing und Vertriebs Tool

In 2009, the agency NMY created a 3D multi touch presentation system for the client Cassidian. It became the most successful trade show exhibit so far in the ten years of the company’s history and is still today. In order to take the system to trade shows worldwide we developed content and interactions to more detailed level. We enhanced the 3D multi touch presentation system with products, systems, data, statistics, and political and marketing messages. The next goal is to present the 3D world of Cassidian on big as well as small multi touch devices in a marketing and retail environment at trade shows, in showrooms and for 1:1 presentations. Cassidian also requested a mobile version of the multi-touch table TOUCHLAB® that can be shipped to smaller trade shows.

Touchlab 3D Präsentation
2D, 3D Interfaces

Kombination aus Multi-Touch und Stereo 3D

The aim was to come up with a concept, design and realization for a sustainable software solution that makes it possible to present the innovative world of EADS in 3D real time through multi touch.
In order to create an even more impressive experience, our programmers developed an open port within the software to digitally connect the multi touch table application with a LED light installation, a sound system and a projector screen. One of the biggest challenges was to transfer the complex data and information provided by Cassidian into a consistent software concept. In the early stages of planning specialized information architecture and storyboards enabled the client to understand how the application would be structured. This allowed him to take part in the production process and to request changes even before any software was programmed. 
The technical realization is based on a game engine (Unity3D) that our programmers had enhanced with an improved and fast reacting multi touch control system. Since visitors of trade shows have different amount of time available, it was crucial to allow the possibility for free interaction without any linear structural requirements. Through 2D and 3D navigations the multi touch operator can simulate and thereby explain products, processes, and he can visualize data and present interactive charts. 
A total of 30 people were involved in the production process working in the fields of consultancy, conceptualization, software programming, 3D design and sound. More than 400 3D models were created, a multitude of 3D terrains designed, and about 600 sound samples and complex real time motion graphics were produced. 
We are currently working on a further enhancement of the application. The estimated development time is 8 months.


Eine virtuelle Welt die begeistert

Die interaktive Applikation umfasst Simulationen, Produktpräsentationen, E-Learning-Anwendungen und Datenvisualisierungen. Weitere Maßnahmen wurden über das Jahr 2011 geplant, um die Applikation vielseitig und umfassender in Marketing- und Vertriebsstrukturen zu integrieren. Insbesondere die Erweiterung auf 3D Stereo für 3D Präsentationen hat sich in den folgenden Jahren zu einem der faszinierensten Features in diesen virtuellen 3D Showroom entwickelt

Interaktive Application
Virtuelle Welten

Interaktive Applikation

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