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Multi-Touch Presentation System


Multi-Touch 3D Presentation System

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Completion Date
August 2009

TOUCHLAB® - digital, interactive and haptic at the same time

TOUCHLAB® gives your stand a visionary appeal. Especially at places with much foot traffic the infotainment and presentation system creates a special atmosphere and strong attention among the visitors. This helps to effectively build business contacts and to get your messages across.

Having been tested throughly on tradefairs this yeas,  TOUCHLAB® hits the market this year. This multi-touch 3D presentation system was developed by NMY in cooperation with the Fraunhofer IGD. The TOUCHLAB® is easy to operate via multi touch gestures similar to the iPhone. The field of application is endless: everything from 3D data to 2D product catalogues can be shown in real time and can be operated in an interactive manner. Long-lasting impressions are guaranteed.
The TOUCHLAB® can be operated in the following environments:

  • stationary at exhibitions, showrooms and at points of sale
  • mobile at trade shows, road shows and events
  • for interactive company and product presentations as well as 3D visualizations
  • for  large scale presentations of geographical data, technical drawings and plans
  • in combination with stereoskopic presentation technologies e.g. projectors
  • for multi-layered information such as texts, pictures, graphics, and films
  • for various game applications

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