Permanent Promotional Exhibit

Style your A-Class


Interactive Projection Mapping

Mercedes Benz
Frankfurt am Main
Completion Date
January 2013
Interactive promotion booth

Style your own A-Class


Terminal 1, departures area A of Frankfurt Airport: the Mercedes and Avis interactive promotional stand involves up to 25,000 passengers every day in an innovative communication concept, that NMY and Huth + Wenzel Agentur für Kommunikation GWA have jointly developed and realized. Using five combinable colour buttons on the stand’s information display, as well as by submitting a competition card, passengers can control the styling and appearance of a real Mercedes. The visitors’ interaction with the operating unit triggers spectacular 3D projections. This plays on the A-Class’ three-dimensional body work to great effect with precisely fitting animations, colour variations and text messages.

Distinctive feature

The promotional stand’s fully automated application and hardware independently switch on and off at specified times. Due to heightened security measures at the airport and in order to save staff, the software and hardware set-up of the sensor systems, projectors and 3D software for this three-month promotional campaign have been developed with sustainability and functionality in mind.


  • Co-concept
  • Develop sensor systems 
  • Software and programming
  • 3D design and motion graphics
  • Technical construction, assembly and hardware

Interactive 3D Projection Mapping

  • Multi-touch screens / tangibles, which allow the users themselves to freely move and configure the mapping objects.
  • Tracking systems for locating people and movements in specific places trigger special animations for the objects.

NMY’s 3D projection mapping technology is used at exhibitions and events, as well as in showrooms and on promotional stands for exceptional architecture or product staging. With this new technology, the surfaces of three-dimensional surface models are creatively brought to life in real-time with 2D and 3D animations, called ‘mappings’. In this way, frozen characteristics on the surfaces of products or architecture are transformed into moving experiences. Where it really gets exciting is when this technology is connected with other interactive technology.

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